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SEA2SEE partner NAYS took part in the “Blue Horizons” Fisheries & Aquaculture Conference 2024, held in Athens last weekend, 24 – 25 February. In Section 8 “Fishery products in the contemporary commercial environment”, NAYS Director, Ioanna Argyrou, presented the Future in Greek Seas and the Sea2See Horizon Europe project in a context of arising opportunities generated through the seafood traceability tools and novel blockchain technologies which are developed within the project. Blockchain technology will inevitably play an important in the increase of both short- and long-term competitiveness of aquaculture products in the global aquaculture market though the digital traceability. Ann added value of this is also a significant increase of the consumer confidence and acceptance of fishery products.

As an important gathering of well-established stakeholders in the national fisheries and aquaculture sectors, the panel discussions of the conference were structured to bring experts in the field into an in depth exploration of the intricacies the topics entailed. The organized  B2B meetings between national authorities and fisheries and aquaculture entrepreneurs led to engaging conversations about the current challenges and possibilities the two sectors face, paving the way for corporate meetings and cooperation among the businesses. The gastronomic events that were held in parallel to the main sessions, added to the interactive nature of the endeavor.

The main topics keeping discussions going:

  • The professional fishing footprint in the Greek economy
  • The regulatory framework of the recreational fishing
  • New Regulation on the organization of Greek Agricultural Insurances and Fisheries: the necessity of insurance in the time of the climate crisis
  • Aquaculture: A Sustainable Food System
  • Overcoming bureaucratic issues
  • Balance between Water Resources and Sustainability
  • The charm and business prospects of fishing tourism
  • Fishery products in the contemporary commercial environment

The conference was attended by EU members, the Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, and representatives from the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food and other national public authorities, national private organizations, and representatives from fisheries and aquaculture sectors like fisheries associations, fish farmers and producers’ associations.

Check out some highlights of the event: