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SEA2SEE project stands out with the employment of the innovative concept of Blockchain to improve the traceability and visibility of sustainable seafood in Europe. After Greece, Spain and Portugal, it was France that hosted a participatory workshop to identify the obstacles to a more sustainable consumption of seafood and find solutions to remedy them. On this occasion, professionals from the fisheries and aquaculture sector, as well as BTS students gathered in FERRANDI Paris, for a day led by partners Ethic Ocean and Vitagora.

The results of this workshop will be used to go further in the reflection and to propose concrete actions to respond to the urgency of protecting our ocean.

Thank you to the professionals who participated in this day: Corinne Copin, Fondation de la Mer Fawze Sannier, fishmonger MOF, Poissonnerie L’Hippocampe Chantilly and Senlis Patricia Lechevallier, journalist Frédéric Favret, former Head of Sustainability at Pomona Bastien Riera ☁🐟, Gloria Maris Groupe Christopher Lahay, Rooser Philippe Blais, UNIMA as well as the students and teachers Jérémie Barnay and Baptiste SALOMON who managed the organization of the day.

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