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SEA2SEE project partners were invited by its sister project FishEUTrust to join a Stakeholder and Living Lab workshop in Malta, organized by AquaBio Tech Group in February in Malta. Both projects aim to increase consumer trust and social acceptance of sustainably fished and farmed seafood and this first hybrid joint event opened up great opportunities for exploring potential avenues of cooperation.

Besides being familiarized with projects’ objectives and expected results, partners enjoyed comprehensive discussions regarding stakeholder engagement, key challenges and best practices in overcoming them. One area that has already been identified as key for future collaboration is related to stakeholder mapping and engagement – a focal point in both projects.

During the intense two days of work, participants shared information, methodologies and insights that will help the advances of the activities. The primary purpose of the workshop was to develop and agree upon a joint action plan defining common strategies for engaging stakeholders and avoiding duplication of effort as well as joint communication and dissemination activities for greater visibility and impact of the two initiatives.

The workshop proved the perfect setting for establishing an environment of trust and cooperation: the consortia got to know each other, presented wok activities progress and openly exchanged ideas during the discussion sessions.