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One of the overarching objectives of SEA2SEE project is to promote change in European citizens’ purchasing and consumption behavior as far as seafood is concerned.  Although this approach could be applied to all markets, studies have suggested that when it comes to the seafood industry, having access to detailed information about the products one is buying, through the right tools and resources, can trigger a shift towards sustainable consumption practices and informed decisions.

In SEA2SEE, partners apply the Collective Intelligence (CI) methodology to involve target group(s) in active direct participation to attempt at closing the value – action gaps in order to bring about a more seafood-literate population. Being a process of critical learning, reflection, and understanding followed by action, it enables mobilization, design and development ‘with’ people’s direct involvement rather than “on their behalf”. The whole process takes participants through four stages as the first one has been completed and partners have now moved on to conducting the 1-day multi-stakeholder participative workshops.

The first workshop took place in Barcelona, Spain led by SUBMON, replicated by ANP/WWF in Portugal a week later. The goal of these workshops is to categorize the collected information on barriers for product acceptance, and subsequently, generate solutions for sustainable seafood consumption.

The expected results of these Collective Intelligence workshops are the development of a structural map of barriers, highlighting the primary areas of needed action in order to achieve a paradigm shift in the way we consume and value seafood products.

It was exciting to engage with different value chain actors and experts alike, from the Spanish and Portuguese seafood sectors, who brought a medley of perspectives to the table.

Workshops continue in Greece and France, after which our team will collate and analyze the findings, to feed the foundation of a comprehensive SEA2SEE project’s consumer engagement strategy. 

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