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Are you ready to join the challenge?

We are thrilled to announce the SEA2SEE Hackathon, which is being organised in partnership with CBCat’s BlockchainxODS project. The goal of their program is to encourage the adoption of blockchain technology in real-life projects by promoting a collaborative approach to supporting the Sustainable Development Goals.

We are addressing SDG 14 – Life Below Water, with our upcoming Hackathon Challenge:

“Develop a complementary tool based on blockchain technology and designed to assist consumers in making informed and responsible decisions when purchasing seafood.”

The Challenge results from a detailed study conducted under the SEA2SEE project. The study used a Collective Intelligence approach to analyze the factors hindering European seafood consumption and product acceptance.

It is important for us as citizens to act towards responsible seafood consumption and preserve the health of our ocean. But the current system lacks resources for consumers to make informed decisions. Our objective in this Hackathon is to create a user-friendly and interactive tool that encourages better consumption habits and empowers people to contribute to the solution.

The call is open to students and professionals interested in the topic. The formation of multidisciplinary teams to address the Challenge is highly encouraged.  Starting in September and lasting until November, the Hackathon offers participants a chance to acquire new skills by attending training sessions and meeting with mentors and experts in the fields of sustainability, blockchain, and the seafood industry.

To participate in the Hackathon, candidates must submit their application before July 15th. Those who meet the requirements will be invited to an interview.

Every person taking part in the Challenge will receive a certificate acknowledging their participation. However, only the winning team members will be given a Meta Oculus 2 prize at an award ceremony.

Watch the video below to learn more about the SEA2SEE hackathon:

Learn more about the Hackathon and submit your application here.