SEA2SEE has a strong interdisciplinary academia-industry collaboration through the existing networks of the consortium partners to validate the new developments and ensure their scalability and robustness.

The selection of diverse case studies in terms of seafood products and locations is necessary to develop a complex blockchain model with high potential for replication and scalability to different seafood value chains.
The traceability blockchain-based data deployment platform, aquaculture production management software and blockchain based consumer-engagement tools will be deployed to 5 specific case studies in 2 types of demonstrators (fishery and aquaculture). This is where the Sea2See technology would be employed along with real-life data inputs towards end-to-end traceability for each of the value chains involved. Not only does the collaboration with demonstrators allow for the optimization of the blockchain model, but also to draw conclusions on the LCA and hazardous contaminants of seafood products and finally, to get ready with the replicability of methods and tools to other contexts and scales.